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Calibration and Validation Company خدمات المعايرة والقياس

Calibration and Validation Company , cover wide range of devices according ISO 17025 Requirements

Clean Room Validation أختبارات الغرف النظيفة

Clean Room Qualification according ISO 14644 and cGMP

Calibration is a method for quality

Calibration your way to quality

Regular calibration ensures that scales, scales and other measuring devices are working accurately. With routine calibration, you can take measurements safely and avoid the costs of inaccurate measurements. We help you determine the calibration procedures needed to maintain the quality of your instrument results. Thanks to our tool and trained service technicians, Al-Tasbeeh IT Company gives you certified certificates through which you can trust the correctness of your measurements.

Ensure compliance with standards and regulations

Calibration your way to quality

Keep up with the highest standards of product quality. Measuring devices are the backbone of the quality system and therefore you always need to ensure that the measurement results meet all internal and external requirements Tva Al-Tazbeya Information Technology Company All compatibility requirements. Our service offerings ensure that you relax and focus on your operations without worrying about measurement results

Support for measuring devices

Calibration your way to quality

Perhaps the availability of different measuring devices and knowing the methods used with the required accuracy is one of the most important requirements that enable scientists to record the results of the experiments that they obtain. % of production costs for any commodity. And because we are experts in measuring devices, the installation company for information technology enjoys With a strong knowledge base for all organizations Weights and Measures. Our technicians and experts have the expertise to ensure that your devices comply with applicable regulations

The quality management system for the calibration laboratory will be approved company according to the specification ISO/IEC17025/2017

Through the Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization and therefore the confirmation of information technology in the service of the Jordanian and Arab industry and your service

Calibration Services

Calibration is the main means of verifying the validity of the measurement references and also determining the quality of the performance of the calibrated device. Calibration is done by direct comparison with a calibration scale or a reference standard material and the result of the calibration is recorded in a document called a calibration certificate. Stickers are placed on the calibrated device showing the date of calibration

Main reasons for calibrating measuring devices

To ensure that the readings of the calibrated device are consistent with other measurements



To determine the degree of health of the device readings





To determine the degree of dependence on the results of the device, i.e. to what extent can its measurements and repetitions agree over a specified period of time

To define and clarify attribution



To save time and money and defend data integrity, the institution must calibrate measuring devices